Take a rest, recharge, so you can share the light with others!

Take a rest, recharge, so you can share the light with others!

8 Steps how to get through changes in your life.

Any changes or challenging times in our life are affecting our body, our mind, our hormonal system. If you are going through some changes right now, these 8 steps might be helpful to you.

  • 1. Fear – what exactly are you afraid of and why? As we all know the law of attraction; where the attention goes, energy flows. Where you are sending your attention, your thoughts, is what you are attracting. Convert fear to courage, faith.  Practicing gratitude is one of the amazing tools for mental health.  What are you grateful for? Each day write at least three things you are grateful for.
  • 2. Breath – Have you ever observed your breath?  Breath is connected to our prana – life energy. Prana is connected with the mind, emotions and thoughts.   Fill your lungs with some fresh air, go outside, turn to Mother Nature and reconnect with her. Spend some time outside. Take a deep slow inhale, bring more oxygen into your lungs, observe the journey of your inhalation and as you exhale, also observe how you release everything that you don’t need in your life right now.  
  • 3. You are what you eat – Eat better food; get more natural vitamins, fruit and vegetable, alkalize your body.  If you are eating unhealthy food for a long of period of time, guess what is in your body? Can you imagine a rubbish bag? What is there? Well, pretty much is with your body. Alkalizing your body, simply means reducing its acidity. Try to consume as little meat as possible. Meat leaves residual acid in your body even after it has been eliminated. It is highly acidic and difficult to digest leaving you feeling sluggish and heavy – in body and mind! There are many benefits to alkalizing your body like better sleep, more energy, mental alertness, weight loss, healthier tissues, reduced inflammation and reduce risk of chronic disease.
  • 4. Do some exercise – Yeah exercise, any type that you like, just keep moving your energy through your body. I can suggest yoga, Tai chi, as this is an excellent way to be within yourself. Through the yoga practice you will explore things differently, more positively. You will find your own strength. It helps boosts digestion and provides energy and happiness hormones to make you feel more vibrant all day long!
  • 5. Meditate – A simple step to start mediation is seat with the cross leg position, with your spine straight, relax your shoulder and bring your attention to your breath. Deeply inhale, and slowly deeply exhale. Yes, you can breathe.   And all you need to do is observing your breath. Where is it right now?  When your breath is slow, your mind becomes slow.  Through the meditation, you are slowing your mind and allowing yourself to see things from a different point of view, more from the positive side.  Meditate to reduce the negative impact stress on your body and mind. Meditate to connect to your center, your soul, your breath, your body. When you feel connected, stress levels lessen and you are tend to naturally make better choices that enhance your wellbeing.
  • 6. Removed from work – If you find yourself being removed from work, get some time for yourself. Use that time wisely.  You have time to read that book now, which is by your bed for some time, you have time to start to learn something new, be creative. Spend more time with your family, appreciate every time you are together.
  • 7. Declutter your house, declutter your body – Are you finding some things you are not using any more? Do you need them? Get rid of them, you can take them to the charity shops, or give to someone, who might use them, or just simply through them away. As soon as you start to declutter your house, you will feel much better also inside your body, you will start to create a space for something new, and you will also allow yourself to declutter your mind. You will be able to tune into your body, you will be able to listen your body.
  • 8. You are master of your destiny – Remember; what you think is what you become. Think of weakness you will become weak.  Think of strength, you will become strong. If it is difficult for you, to come up with positive thoughts right now, that’s ok. A good book from a master can be a start, look for some videos about positive thinking, about the law of attraction, learn a positive mantra, mantra of self-love.  If you start to practice the steps above, it will come to you easily. All you need to do , is accept the change and be open to this change.  Good things will come your way.

Assert your healthy Self and know that you are the master of your body and mind.

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