Can Yoga Stop Aging?

Can Yoga Stop Aging?

Can yoga stop aging?

The study has shown that a large percentage of women use anti-aging skin creams, in the hope that any signs of aging may at least stop or occur as little as possible. More and more people are also undergoing cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures such as botox or fillers.What is causing aging? Is aging a fact that your waist, hips, or other parts of your body are not as they were before, or that if you smile you have wrinkles? I agree that all of the above are physical manifestations of the aging process, but only part of the image, with the focus solely on external aspects.

Are you “old” how are you feeling? The view of age is very different. In yoga, it is the age of the spine, not the number of years, or evidence of wrinkles that determines the age of the individual. It is the flexibility of the spine, the tone of tissues, ligaments, joints and nerves, and the relatively smooth functioning and health of age-determining systems. Another benefit of increased mobility and flexibility is increased blood supply to all organs of the body (including the skin, which is one of the largest organs in the body, leading to plump and firmness) as well as improved posture and strengthening the body, abdomen and back. Regular yoga practice provides all these benefits.

Health of the spine is crucial in the fight against age. The spine consists of 33 irregularly shaped vertebrae, intervertebral discs, facet joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, which act as a strong but flexible column and support the entire body and carry the weight of all connected organs. In the practice of yoga, the joints of the body move through the entire range of movement and promote mobility and release pressure. Gently stretching during exercise, relieves muscle tension, causing the secretion of synovial fluid to the joints, resulting in reduced stiffness and prevention and alleviation of conditions such as arthritis. The regular and continuous practice of yoga promotes strength and endurance, which also leads to an improvement in blood circulation. Focusing on the breath also helps calm the nervous system.

The beauty of yoga is that the more it is practiced, the more the effects accumulate, with long-term benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, increased health and well-being. A healthy flexible spine means a healthy body. The positive side of yoga practice also applies to the skin, which is constantly tensed, causing the stimulation of skin cells and the endocrine system, resulting in firmer and healthier skin. I think the claim that yoga can slow down the aging process and benefits everyone, regardless of age, size, gender or ability. Practice creates a balance in all things,  mind and body awareness that will enable all who decide to initiate positive and healthy changes in their lives. By working effectively on your inside and outside, these changes will reflect shine and youth.

We should strive to embrace the wisdom and freedom that comes with increasing age, while preserving our physical and mental health, physical fitness and mobility, by practices such as yoga that nourish the body and mind. Can Yoga Stop Aging? If youth is defined as energy and vitality, mobility and strength, flexibility and endurance, then yes!

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