Woman’s journey

Woman’s journey

Fall in love with being a woman and let flow co-creation power you have in yourself.

As Women, we all have the great capacity of creating and transforming. Women’s life journey is full of discovering, experiencing, encouraging, nurturing, sharing, pampering, teaching, and a lot more. One of the most popular books, A woman’s Book of life, discusses how women grow and change in seven cycle thorughout their lifespan – and what to expect when we are changing.

Knowing and understanding these changes relieves a lot of stress. It can help to set you free to become the authentic person you are through all the changes that life brings. It can also help you to better understand your wives, daughters, mothers, sister, friend….

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When we are born, we enjoy our childhood, we might get to known our body a little bit more. And then at the age of puberty we are becoming a woman by getting our first period. I do remember that day, when I got it for the first time. Luckly it happend in the morning before the school and my mum was at home. Even though, I knew it all about it from learning at school, it was still shock for me. That day, I wasn’t feeling myself. I was thinking what is happening with me, with my body, how am I going to cope with it? I am grateful for my mummy advises, kind words and all the courage, to accept it and be proud of myself, that I become a Woman. And then the Journey started…. PMS, painful period, chocolate cravings, mood changes, acne…. you name it. 🙂

Every woman‘s journey is different. Some have been gifted become a mother, some not. But this doesn’t mean they are not Women. They might be mothers in a different way.

And then, we reach the age of the another big change in our life  – menopause. Modern research indicates that not only do we continue to grow in wisdom as we age, but that the body continues to mature in a positive fashion after menopause. After my study of Hormone Yoga Therapy I realized, that, how much do we know about our body? We experience symptoms of all the hormonal changes, that happen in our lifes, but how many of us know,  what is actually happening in our body.

Every day we hear, that women are strong, they will take a lot of pain, etc…,  but wouldn‘t be useful to learn more about our body and learn how to work with it, be able to fully enjoy every cycle, every event in our life?  Wouldn’t be nice to fall in love with being a woman at any occasion, at any event in our life? Wouldn’t be nice to fall in love with our body, whatever shape we are?


                                              -Alexandra Elle-

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